Custom Cabinets can be costly with a usual starting price of $500 per linear foot. But no need to fear, Inhaus Kitchen and Bath is here to help. Custom cabinets are built to exact dimensions that fit your space. Using solid wood and your choice of finisher, your custom cabinets will be built for a long lasting durable use. Moreover, if you’re looking for fancy, top-notch accessories, then you have come to right place. Aside from your custom cabinets, you can customize different tools for your cabinets like built-in lighting and pop-up shelfs. We guarantee you high quality cabinets that are customizable to your own creativity. Our commitment to exceptional design and service shows in the connection we make with our clients. We strive for a balance between aesthetics and functionality, to create clean modern spaces, and help you create the picture you have been dreaming about for so long.

            Our custom cabinet line gives you the option to construct every detail of the cabinets you want to build. Your creativity is limitless with endless choices and infinite possibilities. Choose any door in any wood species with any stain and glaze. Or you can create your own finish with custom stain and paint. In addition, we can build cabinets to your drawings. Consult with one of our professional designers for a better look at how your cabinets will be created and what the end result would look like.